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            Celtic legends
       At the Celts,
 the teaching was
diffused under two
- An esoteric shape, reserved for the only initiated, the duration
of study of which
achieved on the twenty years and which was protected, even of the writing,
- An  exoteric shape, intended thus for most large number.This education, it was:
 " the Mythology ".
  Every legend, every
 myth delivered to the Celtic people a precise message, intended to improve the life of the people and that of the society.
        These messages, ancestral wisdom,
continue and appear
of a surprising current events today!
         Naturally, a myth being never delivered in
a clear language, it is
up to each of us to
leave in its research
and to interpret it.

            A message
of yesterday for the
current people...
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 The tree which... Celtic trilogy              Teir Bran                 Némétona          Sadv             Morrigan
     Epona                       Caillach                 Brigantia            Sirona             Divona
Cernunnos      Rhiannon                    Sulis                                 Bélisama          Airmed
Manannan  Diancecht                the crow            Lougos                Badb              Badb Catha
 Bran et Branwen                         De Annw à  Gwynwed.
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The legend of