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Lost childhood
Abandoned child
at the edges of cities

in shanty towns,

Bought child
and assaulted
by vile beings,

Garbage child
the heart of rubbishes,
compeled to glean to survive

scattered plastics
or looking far
your free world

and your wealth.
Child whom dries out
from the desire to be loved.

Child who make drunk by
the acrid smoked
of polystyrene which burns

that he breathe
to forget
his crazy misery

polluted childhood,
polluted, made dirty,
broken by the life.

In the fringes of the world,
it is the squalid horror
submerging the innocence.

And you, in your bed,
you dream, at night,
some refinement...

Sleeper, get up,
find the faith
and give to the childhood

her soft freshness,
to sublimate innocence,
power of life.