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Moon wolf

It is a shiver,
a humming
which rises slowly
of a place without love. 

Some scales shine
and fit too well
so breaking the raillings
of a reptilian brain.

The heavy sky is black
of night without stars,
tearing up your hopes
appears the Moon without veils.

The brightness which floods it
makes, suddenly,
very strange worlds hatch
to the subterranean peoples. 

Ancestral emergence
flooding the pure souls,
under the strengths of the Evil :
waves in the structure.

The wave still progresses
and falls again suddenly,
turns pale the golden moon
and re-appears the human being.

In a bluish beam
persists a white groove
which the sunny dawn
will see evaporating.

Your reptilian brain
which always naps
in your ancient worlds
wakes up and says: " hello! "