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            The invisible hosts
       Alix  looks for indefatigably all the
infinity of the possible
of a feminine universe
printed of sweet and
serene power one:
fairies, elfs, angels or
but always Women,
drawing their strength
from a contact
privileges with the
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The dark fairy      The amanite      the pink deva        The fairy of         Néréïde
The fairy of    The fairy        The lunar fairy          Vespertilio      The fairy of the
rosebush       of lilies                                                                  poppy
   The wasp         Amanite              The fairy of the         The fairy
                                                      winter                  of the water lily
The sphinx of                The little              Elf                 The eagles fairy
the laurel-flower                rat
2 - Fairies, elves, devas,... :
     Wormwood, the           The forest         Short-lived             Hyacinthe               The dragonfly
        green fairy                   goddess         presence