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The artist :

                        Painter poet sculptor professional
                           quoted artist ( Drouot Cotations)                                
              - registered on the House of the Artists - Bets                         
              - represents in the dictionary Larousse of the highly-rated Artists of 15 ème century in                          our in the daytime (publishing  from 2008 to 2012)

                         received this day more than 200 distinctions in the domains of the painting,
            the poetry, the video and the sculpture.
                        She is
            - Master in visual art 2012
            - Officiate of the High Academy Littéraire et Artistique of France
            - Awarded a medal " Arts - Sciences - Letters " since 1985
            - Medal of the Brotherhood between Nations
            - Medal of the gratitude( for services made in the field of Arts
            - Grand Prix of the Artistic calling in 1988 - Member of the Walloon                 
                                                            Academy(Regional education authority) of the Arts
            - permanent Exhibitor of the Museum of Carpentras
                                                            in the collection " The alive Poets "
            - Administrator of the SODAL (Company(Society) of the Artists inhabitants of
            - Special Award Human Rights 2011
            - Ambassador of the European Institue of Contempory Arts

            ALIX ,
                        Having been a painter of the Gallery GAUTIER to Epernay

                        then painter of the Gallery BOREL to Deauville             

                        she is painter of the Gallery ROSSO CINABRO

                        of the Gallery Art for Dreamy    
                                                632 chaussée de Waterloo 1050 BRUSSELS

The work :

                        For the main part, the work of present ALIX    

                                    A feminine universe between dreams and myths.

                        Fairies, Elfs, Angels or She-wolves-garou, but always Women, drawing
            their strength from a contact privileged with the Nature. Short-lived appearances
            which the Artist prints on the painting, models in the earth, immortalizes in the
            bronze and realizes in the transparency of Plexiglas in the heart of a poetic aura.